I did three Aphogee two-step protein treatments within a span of about two-three weeks or so. You are only suppose to do it ONCE every six weeks, so I basically tripled the amount of protein I put in my hair.

Now my hair feels heavy, but I am NOT complaining! It feels AMAZING! Its flowy and looks about two times as thick as before! My texture doesn't feel as cottony as it once did. Now it is smoother, almost like my hair is naturally straight.

I'm not 100% sure if this is because of the Aphogee protein treatment, but its my best guess, and I'll tell you why. I have 4 hair (not sure exactly what kind of 4) and it is relaxed. I stretched for about 5 months before I finally got my touch up on Monday.

This time, instead of just doing the touchup, I did a protein treatment the day before to prepare for the relaxer (1). Then, on Monday, I got the touchup and got in the shower to rinse the relaxer out of my hair. After rinsing a little, I added some Henna N Placenta protein treatment(2), and rinsed and shampooed some more. I noticed more hair was coming out than I liked so I decided to do a protein treatment again right then and there(3).

Aphogee is very acidic though, so since my scalp was a little tender from the relaxer, I mixed the protein treatment with some Aussie 3 minute miracle along with the conditioner that comes with my relaxer (I use Optimum).

I applied heat to my hair and rinsed but I still wasn't satisfied with the result so I decided to just deal with the slight burn and put the Aphogee on again. I did add a LITTLE conditioner but this time with a higher percentage of Aphogee. When I applied heat again with a blowdryer I noticed my hair feeling much different than Aphogee has ever made it feel.

I got back in the shower and rinsed again and this time my hair felt smooth and a little sticky. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I finally got out the shower and let it air dry. The results: MUCH thicker hair, smoother, and my ends which were previously fried looked great as well! And a weird weight to my hair, almost as if it is intensely moisturized, but without being thin. I didn't even put in my leave in conditioner, just a teeny bit of S-curl and an oil to seal it.

My hair has not looked like this since I first relaxed it back in middle school which means I've made a complete recovery from all the mistakes I was making before.

Do you think the weight came from the protein treatments? That's what I can't figure out. I'm also wondering if this means my hair was lacking protein, and if this means my hair craves protein?

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming this will work for you because everyone's hair is different.
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I get smoother, more defined curls that look like I put a texturizer in it, but they're much stronger and there is not breakage when I do PT treatments. I do mild PTs every week (I could probably do Aphogee every 3-4 weeks with no trouble) because my hair naturally craves protein. I don't have a relaxer anymore or any damage, but what a sodium hydroxide relaxer does is break the disulfide bonds in your hair (basically the bonds that hold the protein/keratin bonds together), permanently changing those bonds to give you straighter hair. This is how relaxers cause damage, the protein bonds are weakened from the change in the disulfide bonds, if you do not do something else to keep those protein bonds (which give your hair strength, body etc) then they will break off or you'll have excessive shedding otherwise known as "my hair coming out". Doing PT treatments are the BEST thing for keeping relaxed hair healthy, since you are in effect adding protein into your hair strands, making them stronger, filling in the weakened parts. I am not surprised that your hair reacted that way, now just be careful to observe to see how much protein you actually need. It may have needed so much simply because it was that damaged and desperately needed several shots of protein, now that you've "fed" it...you may find you need less protein less often, that whole every 6 weeks thing. If that's not the case, ie you leave off the protein for 2 weeks and after that your hair seems to start shedding more again, then you probably need to do a treatment every 2 weeks or you should try using a mild potein-based conditioner at least once a week to stretch the PT effect. Definitely do a PT before any chemical services, it will boost your hair's ability to take the relaxer without so much damage. You might want to follow it up with a deep condition too because some say they experience dryness after a PT. I don't have that problem, my hair just perks up all happy like after a good PT, no dryness in sight.

I'm so glad you're liking your hair! Good luck!
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