Well I'm new at this...not exactly. I've been using the site for months and never actually joined. I figured this was more practical than praying that someone was asking the question that I needed answers to. Well I think my natural curl pattern would be 3b/a curls. I have never put a relaxer and have just recently started using color, within the last 2 years. (worst mistake of my life!!!) All my life I have had beautiful healthy long hair. Upon high school graduation I decided to cut mid-back length my hair into an inverted bob. As that was growing out I started to experiment with color, and had no problems. Until June of this year. I wanted to dye my hair red. So i went the professional route...THEY BLEACHED MY HAIR 4 (YES FFFFOOOOUUURRRR) TIMES IN ONE DAY! my natural curl pattern was ruined! So me growing out my bob was all pointless. Two years of healthy hair has been destroyed. It's been about 6 months and I have cut my hair 4 times, I don't really care about length I just need hair that I can manage. If any of you have tips, products that you can share...my thanks goes out to you. I have been CG for 6 months.