You know what I like and you still playin' stupid. Gurrrrlllll, you betta stop bein' CHEAP and add that Jessicurl ish to my list of NEEDS. yeah, you heard me! NEED. And you need to relearn ya manners. I see you, lookin' at me all-up-in the mirror witcha face frowned up. It ain't my fault your stylin' skills are WACK. Get on ya A-game. And whathehell are you doin' pumpin' me up with steroids? The growth aids, the vitamins. Girl, bye. Don't get ya hopes up. If you stop playin' games and stick to the products I like then I'll grow. I'm too fly to need help.

Thick/coarse/low porosity/low elasticity
4a/b cottony/spongy

At war with my indestructible, armadillo hair...MY WILL BE DONE!