Not working out today; it's a rest day Saturdays are always my break. They also used to be my binge on tons of food day, but I'm getting so much better at that! I've been saying no to unhealthy things that I usually love and instead eating much healthier (eggs and sausage instead of deep-fried french toast, stuff like that!)... so I'm going to try my best to keep that up today!
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That's great that you've been able to swap out for healthier foods. I have the same issue with going all out crazy on food on my days off- I suspect that's why I keep my schedule so packed most of the week- no time for binging. I've been taking weekends off from training, but I'm feeling so much pressure with this tournament next month (mostly from myself, I admit), that I'm trying to train every possible minute that I can. It's made my social life non-existent, but I'm down 3 pounds today after a week of way too much food.

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