I notice when I swaddle Nicholas, he sometimes has difficulty crying. I know one of the reasons to swaddle is to soothe a crying baby. I swaddle him due to his reflex responses...his movements can be so jerky and it wakes him up too much.
I walked in on him trying to cry but it was more of a silent cry. He didn't know I could see him. I wonder how many times he has cried, I didn't hear him, and therefore was unable to respond to him? I guess I'm implementing the Ferber method unintentionally.
What is that about? Does his vocal cord get so relaxed due to the swaddling that he has difficulty making a sound when he cries? Sometimes he can cry loudly, so it isn't every time. Its odd. The past few nights, since noticing, has bothered me that I would randomly check on him and make sure I went in there for any soft noise he would make. A few times he was crying...but just softly or no noise at all.
That concerns me.
I have to admit that I tried a different approach last night and I feel a little guilty. I NEEDED sleep. I didn't respond to every little noise (like I used to do before discovering that some of those little noises were actual cries)...I didn't respond to any, unless I was already out of my bed anyways. I have to admit...my sleep was much much better...but I feel bad. I'm sure I ignored some cries that probably needed to be tended to.

But then I think...if it is important enough, won't he conjure the strength to eventually cry louder? I think he has done that before...but right now I cannot be so sure of anything.

Some input about this would be appreciated.

Also, is it really necessary to discard unused formula or breast milk from his bottle after only an hour (hour after he starts drinking from it)? I know his spit has bacteria in it and leaving it out can increase bacteria...but an hour? I was really strict about following that guideline for the first 5 weeks of his life, I guess. (He's almost 9 weeks old) I noticed my husband thought it was a silly rule and not follow that rule. Granted, neither of us leave it out for a long long time...but 2-3 hours...we've done that. Is that really that bad? I'm curious. I will stop if it is harmful to my child.

He will get his two month immunization shots Tuesday. What OTC medication should I get, just in case it causes him to get a fever?
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