Also, also...I know, I know...I'm getting annoying now.

Also...what about monitors, TVs, etc? I have a baby monitor in his room...are the radio waves bad for him? I have read a site that suggests it is, but it could be alarmist. I still use it. I will ask his doc next week, along with all these other questions...but I'm still curious.
He has a swing in the living room that he loves (its like a reclining chair that swings)...due to the set-up of our living only fits close to the TV. He isn't facing it, but is it bad for him to be close to it (not concerned about his sight, as he isn't watching it from there)...I'm more curious if it lets off any kind of waves that might be bad for him...or if the sound is bad for him. I don't watch the TV on a loud husband (I think he's partially deaf) puts the TV on louder than I like. Nicholas doesn't seem to bothered by it. He was tested when he was born...he has excellent hearing. Granted, the TV isn't full blast loud, but a little louder than I personally would like it. Should I be worried when his father (my hubby) is watching TV and Nicholas is swinging?

Inquiring minds wanna know.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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