They knew I got it when they had promotions on, I told them that (sort of I didn't outright say I got the 50% off, just that it was a week ago, when they had a promotion on). They just chose to give me credit for the full price. They didn't ask which promotion I got that time....

I think they would've cared more if I was getting cash back, not store credit.

If they want to give me back more money then I paid them, how is that stealing? They knew when I bought it (I said a week ago, when they had that "wheel promotion thingy" - and I kinda quote that - and they didn't ask which promotion I got - I could've got 50% off, buy one get one free, etc, by spinning a wheel).

They also knew I used some, that they asked and I was truthful about using every product. Any other place wouldn't have given me anything - but it'll get me to go back in the future, so they're not exactly missing out! I doubt I'll try to return things I got on sale, though... I do feel a lil' dirty.

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