It's official: I really did lose my contour color at my family reunion in July. I guess I knew it even at the time, but I kept hoping it had just somehow slipped into some corner of my room after I got back. Nope - it's gone, and since it's an EDM shade and I don't buy from them anymore, I'll have to find another if I want to contour. I admit it wasn't actually the best color for me, but it worked well enough and dangit, my baby face is going unchecked right now and I'm feeling insecure about my cheeks. I really need to start exercising again, because even though my body's as slender as always, I feel like my face shows it and really needs less flesh on its bones.

Am I getting a sty in my eye? I sure hope not. [ETA: Yeah, I totally have a sty. This sucks.] If I am, I know what it's from: the brand new bottle of Covergirl LashBlast mascara that I used both as mascara and eyeliner to wear to my mom's work party. But that's so unfair! I used to use that exact brand and formula all the time before I switched to the Physician's Formula stuff in the cool leaf-like tube, and I removed it thoroughly and didn't put it on my waterline or anything. Also not cool of my eyeshadow to crease away to look like nothing - I hope at least someone saw my cool green and silver look before my lack of primer won out.

Good call cloning SIIDY again, Phoenix! I didn't even realize I had makeup-specific rants!

...It's a siggie.

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