You guys brought attention to very important little things...

Sealing: I've been sealing with jojoba oil. But im thinking it might be to light for the winter. This week I tried sealing with BM Luscious (applied on damp hair) I have to say I did see a huge difference in moisture.

Protein vs. Moisture: I didnt realize most of my products were protein based. I need to figure out if my hair likes it or maybe I'm just using a little too much of it. How exactly do I get more moisture? so I can maybe try to balance it out.

Porosity and thickness? I'm not too sure how to determine whether my hair is high or low porosity ... or fine/coarse. I have a lot of hair, tightly coiled so I would say I have coarse hair but the single strands seem to be fine. Can someone please clarify how to determine these?

Again, Thanks for the help!