Hi ladies,

So I've had a lot of trouble with CURL ENHANCEMENT and also, CURL HOLD until I found AG:Recoil. I had some serious curls from this stuff, and they lasted all day. Then I had 2nd day hair that I did nothing to, just pulled the hair out of pineapple and I just had to share

I did read it can be drying, can anyone tell me what I might try to switch off and on with? Curl Keeper? Thoughts? Thanks for any advice Both of these thumbnails are from second day hair!
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Your hair is gorgeous! AG re:coil has been a miracle product in my arsenal for years. I use it every time I do my hair; I find it gives my curls that extra oomph. I think it works really well with people with fine or medium hair because this kind of hair type seems to respond really well to magnesium (an ingredient in re:coil I believe) It can be drying if you have more medium/coarse hair. I have never had a problem with it.

Do you apply it to your hair before your curl gel or after? If you put it on afterwards it might protect your hair from dryness.

I use a great hair conditioner with fine hair. It's by Regis and it's called Olive Oil Shampoo. I use a lot of products with magnesium and it helps keep my hair healthy and soft, without weighing it down.
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Calamity I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!! Oh so gorgeous!!! I do find the AG:Recoil a bit drying (my hair is course) and I also found that if I don't rotate it, it stops working well, which REALLY bums me out as I have found nothing that works as well as it does. So, I save it for special times when I need great hair.

I wish I knew what to try on the "non ag:recoil" days. I like CJ CIAB but it doesn't do for me what the AG Re:coil does. I also use Mag Oil in my homemade FSG -- I might try upping the amount in there as that doesn't seem to dry me. Have you used Mag Oil at all?

There was also a product by SS that uses Dead Sea Salt -- which I think is also Mag Sulfate. Maybe I'll try that. I really like the idea of using it OVER my gel, to help prevent dryness. I'm going to try that.

I just SO wish this wasn't so hard and at times a bit frustrating. When I did my BB, my hair looked predicable, and I could count on how it would look when it was straight. With curls it's such a crap shoot. I never know from day to day what type of curls I'm going to get.

Also, being new to CG, I don't know what to make of Winter Hair vs Summer Hair products. Sigh. Guess I'll have to do more research, lol.

Thanks again -- I'm going to try the gel first, then the re:coil!
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