We had at least one--sarasara--but she's decided she hates Americans and the US, so she doesn't come around anymore except to fight.

Actually its been some time since I came here, glad to have come at the right time to start another "fight."

But what can I say, I'm jus jellis of ur freedom, as RCW and someone else here pointed out. The freedom that people have to get pepper sprayed or smashed in the head by police in protests.

Or maybe I'm jus jellis of the intellect "liberals" such as the ones in this forum who run around in circles chasing their tails like dogs, ridiculing right-wing citizens when their own actions have the same consequences, when they say things like they oppose the war but support their warriors, even though there is no war without warriors. Criticizing the Nazi soldiers who "did what they were told" but feeling sorry for their soldiers who "have no other choice." Saying that their soldiers need to do their jobs so that they can feed their families-who would be so arrogant as to think they have a right to invade other people so that they can feed their kids, except Americans. It was right here on this board that some of them criticized me for not having an understanding of poverty, because if I did I would understand why it would be ok to oppress other people. Who else would speak with such self-righteousness when they are supporters of criminals? Don't blame me for hating your empire, or the people who continue to support it by remaining ignorant, by being to afraid to even think of saying something different than the status quo, by being afraid to even think that their soldiers are oppresors and not heros, and that their support only makes this oppression continue. Anyone with a conscience should hate this and oppose it, as they did towards the Nazis and the previous Empires.
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