I haven't tried Organix products before, but if the conditioner isn't giving you enough slip for your detangling session, you might want to try another brand.

If you're looking for inexpensive cone-free brands, the most popular conditioners are Suave Naturals (not to be confused with Suave Professionals which has cones), VO5 Moisture Milk, and Tresseme Naturals. Also, I tend to mix in a little honey and extra virgin olive oil with my conditioner as it adds a little moisture and slip.

At 4 months, I think you're early enough in the process where you can just apply the conditioner, let it sit for a bit, and then detangle (starting from your ends and then slowly working your way up to the root). However, when you get a bit more growth, detangling will be easier if you separate your hair in sections. I usually put my hair in about 6-8 twists and detangle each twist before moving on to a new section of hair.