If he's just making little noises, I wouldn't consider that crying. It sounds like he's self-soothing at night sometimes and getting back to sleep on his own. That is a good thing.

Swaddling doesn't prevent babies from crying, so I wouldn't worry about that. You could try putting him to sleep without swaddling and see how it goes. Babies outgrow the need to be swaddled at different times. If he still swats himself in the face or jerks around and wakes himself up, go back to swaddling for a couple more weeks and then try again.

I never used a monitor because our house was all on one floor and I could hear the babies easily from the rest of the house. But, I don't think they're dangerous. I wouldn't worry about the TV volume or radiation either. The guidelines recommend no television for children under 2, but that's to aid their development (language, cognitive, social, etc.). The most important thing is that babies get lots of interaction with their caregivers.