I don't understand the need for women (with not so horrible skin) to wear foundation and powder everyday. It's sad.
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Just for me, foundation/powder pulls my face together and provides a good canvas for my eye makeup and other products. Plus I have oily skin, so I need the oil-free foundation and powder to help me suck it up. And keeping it real 100%, I like to do it. It's corporate armor for me (and I am a makeup junkie - I have to wear it because I keep buying it LOL)
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I get that(if you are doing full face or you just love makup)..but there are some people who just wear it to cover their natural skin(no eyeshadow, etc). A lot of times it looks cakey and unnecessary and can't imagine its good to wear that everyday. Just my unpopular opinion.
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I feel you - I have a relative who does that (but she has things she needs to cover up). It makes me sad because she won't take care of her skin and has such a low self-esteem that she makes herslf look bad every day like that. I have tried to take her and buy her new, better product, get her treatment for the underlying problem but she calls me high-maintenence and all of these things and I had to just move on. Meanwhile, she is the younger sister and people mistake her for the older all the time because of her skin.

This leads me back to your statement, about people covering up and looking a certain way. I agree, and I wonder why people cake up their faces like that. It draws more attention to the skin they say they want to cover up.

Foundation and powder per se are not bad for the skin; it just requires proper skin care to remove and cleanse the skin, which can be as simple as oil cleansing on the regular and keeping up with exfoliation. Funny enough, so many people in my community decry makeup and say it ruins the skin, when it is poor skincare practices and nutrition that does so. One should always be taking care of the skin from the outside and in, so I don't get why folks are always jumping on folk who wear makeup (not you Josephine; I have gone off on a tangent in my head - sorry!)
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