I notice I'm losing more hair than normal. In the tub I'd have a small mass of hair of about 10-20 strands after taking a bath and I noticed more hair on my combs and on the sink. I thought it was from doing henna more frequently as I coat it on my scalp to help with dry scalp. I use deep conditioner with it to help with distribution which causes heaviness. So I stopped doing this as much and noticed less fall-out.

I recently used my usual deep conditioner with a bit of honey and a Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil. I havent' used the Olive Oil in a long time and I think I went a little heavy on it. Even after shampooing I had it in my hair. When I went to dry my hair I ran my hand through it and lost some hairs on my hand plus a piece of hair (about 5 strands) was loose and came out. Could this be from the oil coating my hair? Last night when I washed my hair, I didn't lose much hair but noticed my scalp was tender and my hair feels different lately It's hard to explain, like it's changing texture. Do you think this is a result of the oil or more a health condition? I'm being tested for a type of hypothyroidism that causes hypothyroid symptoms even tho I take thyroid medicine. Hair loss is a hypo symptom though not one I've ever experienced. I've had some other hypo symptoms recently as well which is why I think it could related.

Has anyone had this hair issue and is it the cause of hair products or something more? It's not an alarming loss of hair but it's something I hope I can pinpoint and get rid of.

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