I have THICK curly hair that is currently a bit shorter than shoulder length (had a bit of a freak out a couple of weeks ago and got about 8 inches chopped off). The cut isn't horrible (a bit shorter than I expected, but I can roll with it) but I have a question about the process used to thin my mass of curls.

A few years ago I had my hair thinned for the first time with thinning shears and it seemed to make my hair incredibly frizzy and dried out (I am paranoid about frizz!). At the time I did a bit of googling and found that stylists were quite conflicted as to whether thinning shears or razors should be used to remove some of the bulk.

During my most recent hair cut, I didn't even realize the stylist was using thinning shears on me until she was halfway done and now, once again, my hair seems frizzy and dried out.

Is this change in texture just in my imagination or does the use of thinning shears have such adverse effects on the hair of others? Does using a razor to thin hair work any better? Does anyone else out there get their thick hair thinned or is a good cut enough to cut down on the bulk?