So, Ladies, it is so exciting to see a show my partner is working on make it so huge!

Once upon a time is filmed in Vancouver, many of the forest scenes, just a few miles up the mountain roads from my home in North Vancouver. The town of Storybrooke is near my sister's home across town in the Steveston area of Richmond (a Vancouver Suburb).

I find the show so appealing on so many levels, it's really so cool to have a show my mom and dad can watch and enjoy as well as my little 10 year old nephews and even my teen aged sons like it.

I sometimes meet my guy for lunch at the cast and crew catering... I had lunch with the seven dwarves a while back! lol The makeup looked so real I actually was wondering if these short guys were hired because they had big noses and ears.. lol

Anyway, after a slip with storyline, I have instructed my partner to not give me any spoilers!! I want to be surprised, and unfortunately the last show was a bit of a shock. I sure did not expect murder!!!

So sad to see that handsome man go. Now that the Sheriff's position is open, who will take his place?

The one person I was thrilled to see on this show was Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Sidney, the newspaper editor in Storybrooke and the Magic Mirror in the fairytale land.. His character "Gus Fring" from Breaking Bad was SO AMAZING. When my guy met him, he said he was super nice and friendly. I wanted his autograph, but being on the crew means you should never ask for one. Dang!

It will be interesting to see how far this series goes.

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