At the beginning of November I went to a new place for a trim and was pretty satisfied with the results so I decided that I would go back to this (male) stylist for my next. I did feel I should've had my top layers a bit shorter but was happy with the overall look, but for some reason my hair grew faster than usual and I lost the volume at the top (which I need to balance out the roundness of my face) much too soon. I'd been thinking of going back for a trim for maybe 3 weeks so the day I did my root retouch (last Wednesday) I finally went.

I explained how much I wanted taken off the top layers. As he started to reshape the perimeter he suggested taking off some length, I began to object but I remembered my hair looked really cute a month after my previous trim, so I said "Ok, you can take a little off the length". Well, that was a MAJOR mistake, I can't imagine why I forgot the importance of being very specific, unless one has been with someone for a long time they should never be given "license" to do as they please, this was only my 2nd time so what happened was all my fault.

When I saw a "chunk" of hair nearly 2" long land on the front of the cape I told him I hoped that came from just one overgrown section (I do seem to have one side that grows faster than the other...) because my hair would definitely shrink quite a bit. When he was done I couldn't really tell what my hair would look like. I came home and followed my usual styling routine and, out of habit, I partly diffused pushing the curls up (which, of course, encourages shrinkage). My son commented that my hair looked "too curly", I thought "nonsense, the curlier the better" but then I looked in the mirror and had to agree that the aging Shirley Temple staring back at me didn't exactly look "cool" . The hair around my face is the curliest so now I have these corkscrews that insist on falling over my forehead. Yesterday I tried using a product with light hold and my hair didn't shrink as much, I also pinned the front curls out of the way while drying but by the time I came home after 2 1/2 hours of shopping the curls had migrated to the forehead anyway.

Something similar to this happened to me near the end of '03, maybe then it was worse because I remember I was convinced I looked like a "hobbit" (maybe I do now too...), and ran to shop for a demi-wig (and didn't find one...). Back then my hair didn't even want to curl well for at least 2 weeks and I opted for pinning the hair at the sides until it grew a little longer; looks like that's what I'm going to have to do for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I thought of doing a roller set but I'm afraid that might make me look like I stepped right out of the early '60s... so maybe not! At times like this I feel my curly hair is way too much trouble, but who am I kidding? It really wasn't any easier in the past.... (SIGH!).

If anyone else has had a similar experience and would like to share please feel free to, we can commiserate together!
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