Hi everyone,

I had been using Salon Selectives mousse for the past 11 years. It is the only mousse I've found that will form and hold my curls without any crunchiness!
Unfortunately, here in Canada, Salon Selectives has recently changed their formula and it no longer works for me.

When squirted into the palm of your hand, the old SS mousse I liked was very wet, sticky and thick (picture a big blob of dense Cool Whip but more liquidy). This is the only mousse I have ever found with this texture. It provides excellent curl definition.

The new SS formula is more of a light and fluffy texture (picture meringue, the stuff on top of lemon pie). It does not form my curls, and instead I end up with fluffy hair.

I'm hoping someone understands what I'm describing in terms of the consistensy of the mousse I'm looking for and can recommend something that is similar to my old Salon Selectives favourite!

Btw...my hair type is a 2c and my styling method is to flip head over when soaking wet, scrunch with mousse and air dry...reapplying more mousse a few more times during the 3+ hours air dry process.

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Condition 3 in 1 mousse (can be found at CVS) has a creamier consistency (less airy) and is super cheap so you could try that...I tried the new Deva mousse and that seams to have a creamy consistency as well but I did not like my results. And that is more expensive. HTH
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