Thank you - I am trying my best to get better lol!

I keep hearing about this L'oreal HIP line - do you find t hey have good color payoff? All of the people who advertise it are always wearing these nude colors so I can't tell.
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I was looking at the HIP line last week after Phoenix recommended it to me. I'm a little worried that it's being discontinued because it was on "Last Chance" sale at Walgreens and buy one, get one 50% off at Ulta. They had the basic black and dark brown, but they also had a great navy blue and a dark purple.
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@sagehen...I don't think HIP e/s is very good or pigmented, but that's just IMO.

@curlyself....So you'd rather not get something you might like and look great in because you might end up frustrated when you run out and can't find the liner again?

If you get it and like it, you can go back and pick up multiples at a good price. They last a long time and by the time you run out, you'll probably be able to find a good substitute.

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