I'll cut right to the chase. I've been natural for about 2.25 years. The first year, I transitioned by getting sew ins. Between each sew in, I trimmed off the perm, little by little. After about 10 months or so, it was all gone and I started to wear my hair out. I had NO CLUE what I was doing! I got flat it ironed and everything. Then I got hooked to Youtube and decided to try EVERY product that I saw someone else use (that worked for their hair).

So, these last few months, I've been researching hair period. The basic structure of hair and each element of it, Ph etc. I've learned so much. I always had a regimen. I would wash my hair weekly, condition, "moisturize" and twist. I would wear that one twist out for the week; retwisting at night as needed. I use the satin scarf as well. (I understand now the damage regular shampoo does to hair.)

Okay, that's the basis. Now here's where I need your help ladies. I have 4c hair (per the information I've seen here). MY HAIR IS ALWAYS DRY! I mean even on the day I deep condition and twist using oils to seal in the moisture, later that day/night, my hair will look and feel very dry. I have several leave-ins, I use shae butter, I use different oils, ETC. Frankly, I'm sick of spending so much $ trying different products!

I just tried the cg method for the first time, and my hair has air dried and looks like a freakin COTTON BALL! I'm so serious!!!! Are there any 4c ladies that have success w/ the cg method?

Last thing: I promise! I think because of my ignorance for the majority of my journey, I may have damaged my hair to the point where it's pretty much just stuck. I haven't seen any growth in well over 5 months I'm sure. And that's when I began to really research and I made the necessary changes. Soo0o0o0o0o I think I'll CHOP all my hair off, and start from scratch.

What are your thoughts?
(sorry I wrote a book. But my name pretty much describes me :-) Have to be thorough).

Peace & Blessings,