Hello all,
I'm currently 4 months post relaxer and wanting to transition to all natural without doing a BC. I have read that the best way to detangle is when the hair is wet and full of conditioner, however, when I do this I have a terrible time combing through the hair and I get worried that if I try any harder I'm just going to cause a lot of breakage. After rinsing, I end up with hair that's really hard to part at the roots/ new growth. How can I detangle my transitioning hair???
I'm currently using Organix shampoo and conditioners (RO). And then Cantu shea butter LI conditioner. I guess my hair is 4b or something, I'm not sure.
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Have you tried detangling your Hair with the conditioner in it under running water? I'm six months post nd detangling is easy when I do this. Also you may interested in purchasing a detangler. They're great after you've washed the conditioner out. I would recommend Mane and Tail detangler, it literally "melts" my tangles ....don't get frustrated. Just keep trying different methods and you'll eventually find something that works for you! =]

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