I have been transitioning for almost 11 months now and now that my hair it a little longer now I was wondering could someone tell me what hair type I am? I know my hair type is not as important as the health of my hair, but I just wanted to know what my hair type is just because i'm interested in knowing.
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You're right is saying that hair type isn't as important as healthy hair but you also must consider hair density, texture, and porosity.

No matter how long you transition it is nearly impossible to tell hair type without BCing. The relaxed ends weigh the hair down too much. It can look wavy now but you can end up with tight coils later on. You look 4a but that can change.

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ITA w/all of the above but specifically the bolded. In addition to that in some of the pics it 'appears' as though you are actually pulling on your hair and are therefore stretching out your curl pattern even more (I understand why you would do it for the sake of the pic) but doing so will not give an accurate representation of how your hair either will or will not curl up for that matter once the relaxed ends are gone.

I transitioned for almost a yr and a half and thought I had a pretty good idea as to the size curls that I had in my hair. However when I BC'd the entire front section of my hair was wayyyy looser than I imagined it was, the sides were even looser than the front and the rest of my hair is a mixture of multiple curl sizes. However if you are really interested in having some idea of what curl sizes you have you can always take a few pieces of hair from different sections of your head and cut the relaxed ends off of those pieces so that you can see how your hair curls or doesn't curl up.

That's what I did at various times throughout my transition and the pieces I cut have remained the same curl size since I have completed my BC (I would suggest cutting small pieces in areas that are easy to tuck back/disguise into a transitioning style so cutting a few pieces along the ear or the neck were ideal for me). That is not to say that as your hair grows longer when you become completely natural that a coil may not appear as a curl bc the added length/weight has stretched it out.

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