Are wigs good protective styles and are they good for working out at the gym and can you sleep in your wig cap??? new to this so srry for all the questions! Lol

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I transitioned for almost a yr and a half w/a quick weave. I would very rarely wear my hair out and when I did it was still in a bun. I did my entire wash day reggie once a week and initially I braided my hair up in the beginning of my transition and then switched to doing bantu knots bc I became concerned ab the ends of hair being exposed and rubbing against my quick weave. I had no issues w/it. I was able to take my quick weave off, moisturize my hair everyday (twice a day really), when I went to the gym I came home, jumped in the shower and just rinsed my hair w/water and let it air dry. It was that simple.

I very rarely wore my quick weave to the gym but when I did it was/has not been an issue. I normally just tie my hair up in my scarf and go workout and then come home and do my normal shower/rinsing of the hair routine. I workout no less than 5 days a week. Now that I am completely natural my routine has not changed. I still only do my hair once a week, I still go to the gym 5 days a week and I still rock my quick weave! Lol. The only difference is now I am focused on retaining length/maintaining healthy hair vs transitioning and keeping my hair in a protective style under my quick weave is helping me do that.


Btw...I do not sleep in my wig cap. I only use it as a barrier btwn my hair and the wig during the day but since it is not silk/satin I take it off as soon as I get home bc I do not want the extra friction/having it pull any moisture out of my hair (also another reason why I don't rock it at the gym) but I also spritz my hair w/my distilled water/grapeseed oil before I put on my cap so it gets some moisture before I wig it up for the day. At night I moisturize again w/the same mixture, let airdry for at least an hr and then tie up w/my silk scarf. I am a wild sleeper so I also have a satin pillowcase bc my scarfs have a tendency to come off at night!

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