Biggest goal? To STOP OBSESSING OVER MY HAIR and accept that bad hair days happen and they're not the end of the world.
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Oh man, that's mine too! I've come a long way in accepting that curly hair is always going to be messy and crazy. But even now when I see a bit of frizz, or a stray hair, or a curl that dried in a weird shape, I go nuts over it. People keep on telling me my 2nd day hair looks so nice, but I just can't believe them, LOL.

Other than that, I want to find an easier and quicker way to manage my hair so I don't have to spend an hour every day blowdrying my hair to get those "perfect" curls.
Hair type: 2b (botticelli), normal porosity, and fine to medium hair
Co-wash: Suave Naturals conditioner
Weekly rinse: Apple cider vinegar
Leave-in: Suave Naturals conditioner
Styler: L.A. Looks Sport gel
Trying: Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tee shampoo, and rag curls!