Wow! I just LOVE this thread! I myself am from Bangladesh, a small country near India.(If you're not familiar.) My skin is actually medium tan, and a little bit of what Bengalis call "Fair and lovely." I really hate it when people do that. And it's not just the women either, it's also the men!Just because someone is a certain skin color, that doesn't define their beauty.

Also, I've had hair haters!I know that's normal and all, but my hair was quite frizzy that day. An Auntie(one of my mom's aquaintences) asked me what was "wrong with my hair" I replied firmly that this is my natural texture. Her excuse was to tie my wavy bangs away from my face.Even though I know it's normal, I still remember what that woman said to me.

I know it's normal to have hair haters, but the South Asian community (most of it) doesn't know what frizz is. Ever notice how lighter skin tends to glow a bit more easily? Yeah, I guess that's one of the less historic reasons why light skin is considered better in out community. They don't understand that the real why to get glowy skin is to eat right, exercise, etc. I think it's because of this that SOME Desis (South Asian) don't like their skin tone. Which is very sad, cuz' I've also noticed the same thing in the African-American community also.
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