Bengalis love curly hair. It reminds them of the goddess Durga ! My mom is indian and I have inherited her hair (and my grandmom's). I used to hate my curly hair mainly because in school I used to get teased a lot and I envied the nice long straight jet black hair that so many indians have. I was always brushing my hair so the curls would disappear and my mom used to complain about me doing that. She would talk about curly hair like it was a Godly thing with a life of its own ! Of well, now I do agree with her
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Wow! Your mom's a lot better than mines. I'm also Bengali.My hair was stick straight till about 4th grade. My hair gradually turned wavy. Along with that was some frizz. My mom's reaction? "Your hair's ugly! We need to make it straighter!"Oh, well, I still love my wavy hair, which is what really matters.
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