phoenix, i want to try some contouring. i have the tools (i.e. brushes). i think i have the right combo of products too. i have my regular foundation, two different ones that are lighter and one that is a shade darker (all meow). i also have a nice bronzer that's similar to my skin tone and not really shimmery. i have mac liquid concealer that i use under my eyes that works good and i use the mac studio finish concealer for dark marks.

i want to experiment with jawline and nose contouring without looking freakish....

my question is, for the type of contouring i want to do do you think my mineral foundation will work best or that i should use mac concealers (which don't break me out)? i'd prefer the foundation just because the powder seems less heavy than the concealer but for that reason i don't know if the contouring will really show up of if i'll look like i'm just wearing the wrong shade of foundation. what are your thoughts on this?

*** eta i meant to post this in the ask phoenix thread, guess i was in the wrong one ***
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