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I have 3a hair, but i can try to give you some advice.

When i started cg i was clueless as well. It sucks spending money in order to find the best products for your hair. I am lucky to have other natural curlies in my life to help me out. We sawp products back and forth. if i buy something and it doesnt work i give it to one of them. some products in up going full circle. if you have other naturals in you life try that.

Also have you found out all your hair properties? go here:

Live Curly Live Free - Home

usually when hair is dry it needs moisture via deep condish, but if you are doing this on a regular, but your hair still seems dry, but super soft, it may be over condished. try a protein treatment.

i wish i could ofer more help. Good luck on your hair journey.

remember its a learning curve. I'm still learning.