Im getting married in December 2012 and I have decided to start my healthy habits now. I actually started a couple of months back but I just found this thread so I wil join you guys on the journey. For those of you who have mentioned working out at home, you need to visit They have AMAZING short high intensity workouts. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

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Congrats on the upcoming wedding and kudos to you for starting on healthy habits NOW vs waiting until a month before the wedding to crash diet like soooo many do. Lol. I know your gonna look fab for your wedding and these healthy habits that you are initiating now will continue to have you looking fab for life! Soooo my plans too! Lol. I'm trying to make life long changes not just short term changes.

Thanks for the link. I will definitely check that out. I have a membership at the gym but there are times like this/next week when my child is sick and I'm not gonna be able to get in the gym like I want but I still want a good workout at home.

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