This leads me back to your statement, about people covering up and looking a certain way. I agree, and I wonder why people cake up their faces like that. It draws more attention to the skin they say they want to cover up.

Foundation and powder per se are not bad for the skin; it just requires proper skin care to remove and cleanse the skin, which can be as simple as oil cleansing on the regular and keeping up with exfoliation.
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I wonder about this. Wouldn't it be better for your skin to breathe and not have foundation on it for that extra 10 or more hours a day, even with proper removal? Either way, the reason I say sad is that some women want flawless looking skin all the time and feel insecure with any marks or imperfections on their face. It's not just about wearing bad foundation. I just don't get what's wrong with natural skin that's not so messed up. But I guess everyone has their own thing.