Thank you for all of the great information! I actually did check that site out last night. Another curly told me about it. I may have to purchase the book. I really enjoyed reading the information on the site. I love learning. lol (hence the name). Anywho, this is what I've been thinking. I learned about the Ph of hair about 3 weeks ago.

I viewed some videos by Kimmaytube on youtube. She has this leave-in recipe that she made that is exactly 4.5 on the Ph scale. My question to you, sence you've read the ebook already, is can I be certain that this mixture will work for me? Ture, it's 4.5 Ph which is the same as hair, BUT, given that my hair properties (porosity, texture, elasticity and density) are very important, should I figure out what will work for my hair (oil, cream, butter, etc) given the different properties it has and create my own leave-in mixture that has a Ph of 4.5? I know that was a long run on sentence. lol sorry.

Your thoughts?