There's no harm in trying the kimmaytube leave-in first and seeing how your hair responds. Many people have excellent success with it regardless of porosity. If you don't normally mix your products, then I'd start here and see how your hair responds, and make adjustments from there.

The one thing that I learned early in this journey was that I had to listen to MY hair only, and not get overwhelmed by what people say I should do. I have normal/coarse hair, NOT fine, normal porosity, no chemicals of any sort on my hair. Many naturals in that position hate protein. My hair is a protein-fiend; it is my hair's BFF, and I have setbacks whenever I stop using it. If you find your hair getting mushy, like overcooked spaghetti, then you need to incorporate more protein (it just doesn't necessarily need to be in a leave-in format). If your hair gets hard, breaks easily etc., then maybe you're using too much or the wrong kind for your hair.

The one thing I'd noticed in one of your responses was how you wear your hair. Your ends are constantly exposed, and that may be hindering your progress. Have you considered bunning or just wearing twists without the -out? Your hair probably needs the least amount of manipulation possible, to be left alone and not bothered to see optimum results. You may also want to consider baggying or GHE to increase moisture. There are multiple threads in the 4a forum about it. I can't give you specifics because my hair doesn't like them, but they work wonders for other heads of hair, and are worth taking a look at.
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@ronnieaj you are right; ultimately, we should listen to our hair. I guess I'm trying to send Knowledgeseeker in the direction that I WISH I was sent to when I started on this journey 2.5 years ago. We might find that not everything that should presumably work on our hair based on its properties will work and vice versa, but at least it's a better place to start than complete darkness or marketing campaigns intended to get us to purchase, purchase, purchase without much education. Is all. It also allows us to play with variables more intelligently and save lots of $$ along the way..
Texture: fine-medium
Porosity: high-normal
Elasticity: normal
Experimenting with making my own products. Hair loves protein.