I did a tea rinse today. It was a super mix of aritha, shikakai, amla, brahmi, cassia, fenugreek, maka, hibiscus, neem and tulsi, mixed with water and coconut milk.

I oiled my hair last night with shikakai oil on the scalp and jabakasum oil on the strands (it's a hibiscus based oil for shine, but uses mineral oil as the base). I braided my twists, then rinsed very well and poured the mixture over my hair. Left it in for 25 minutes then rinsed, followed with Wen to cowash, the DC'd and remoisturized twists.

I'm not a major paste person, I like rinses because they're less messy and I don't have to worry about getting all the stuff out, but I think I'll do a kalpi tone past next weekend. Make my hair nice and dark for the holidays .