Henna is a an amazing gift for hair ahhh I could write a poem that will never finish about it, it's a tree originally some where in the middle east . The leaves r used to cure lots of things such as ulcers wounds skin problems n ofc hair.
They dry leaves n make a powder out of it.
Benefits for hair are countless it's for shedding dandruff too much oily hair n can be used for dry hair but the recipe is different u add oils n stuff to prevent brittle hair , u will defiantly see glossy n shiny hair from first usage, it coats the hair so if u hv weak strands they will turn into strong once it prevents split ends ahhh what else it's amazing for growth , what else could I say I will never finish believe me henna is just the best thing for hair I hv been using it since I was 4 .
If ur willing to try it plz don't take the classic recipe cuz it could dry ur hair
Instead use corn oil honey n Mayo n tea n best of luck

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