Henna is a an amazing gift for hair ahhh I could write a poem that will never finish about it, it's a tree originally some where in the middle east . The leaves r used to cure lots of things such as ulcers wounds skin problems n ofc hair.
They dry leaves n make a powder out of it.
Benefits for hair are countless it's for shedding dandruff too much oily hair n can be used for dry hair but the recipe is different u add oils n stuff to prevent brittle hair , u will defiantly see glossy n shiny hair from first usage, it coats the hair so if u hv weak strands they will turn into strong once it prevents split ends ahhh what else it's amazing for growth , what else could I say I will never finish believe me henna is just the best thing for hair I hv been using it since I was 4 .
If ur willing to try it plz don't take the classic recipe cuz it could dry ur hair
Instead use corn oil honey n Mayo n tea n best of luck
Originally Posted by Sayoon
U make it sound soooo good lol I wanna try it I've heard a lot of good things about it but I've also heard a few bad experiences and I'm terrified of damaging my hair or curl patterns.. I've just recently started to love my curls And it'd be just my luck to use henna and ruin my hair lol.. Idk I'm gpnna have to do A LOT of research before I try it

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