I'm actually here to ask advice on products. Anyone here uses nature's gate hair products? I'm still not prepared to switch to co-washing, so I'm aiming for a sulfate free shampoo and then a conditioner (which I wash out partially). Any recommendations? These are the only natural looking products I could find btw.

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The Nature's Gate Aloe Vera shampoo is very moisturizing for my hair as far as shampoos go. I usually dilute my shampoo with water and aloe vera juice and add oil but I've found that the Nature Gate Aloe Vera shampoo can be used straight out of the bottle as is with no doctoring to the formula and it still doesn't dry out my hair which is huge for me. If I'm not careful with the moisture balance in my hair, my tresses will most definitely dry out and become brittle and break off over time. This is my shampoo that I use consistently with no exceptions.

As far as conditioners, my hair likes Nature's Gate Nourishing Hemp Conditioner. I keep a bottle of that in my rotation and use it as a rinse out as well as a deep conditioner from time to time.

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