I haven't been losing much hair at all in the past few times I've shampooed. I think it was more product usage than anything. My hair/scalp usually isn't sensitive. I used Mane n' Tail for a couple of weeks and that's really when I noticed fall out. I didn't like how it made my hair feel either, coated. Same with the oil I mentioned. I'm not doing henna as much either. So... must've been a combo of these things.

My thyroid labs came out normal... I think. There was only 1 test shown on my lab results which was normal and "Normal" was written underneath. Its weird b/c the other test, for thyroid anti-bodies, isn't listed. I know it was put into the computer b/c the tech asked me twice if I was sure the code was TPO (my doctor's handwriting). I only knew this b/c I looked up the code online before taking the test! That worried me but I saw him put it in there. I'll feel dumb calling to double-check but that kind of hypothyroidism causes symptoms like hair loss and insomnia even when I'm taking my medicine. I've felt hypothyroid lately, as in before I was dx'ed - like crap. It's prolly OK but at least I think I'd have it typed out. I like to have a record of tests I take.

Anyhow thanks. Hope I got it licked!