If you are low porosity chances are high that you don't need protein as much as some one with high porosity would since your hair has the ability to hold onto moisture...

Protein attracts moisture, you have to keep it balanced, that's why when you hair lacks protein it wont hold on to moisture

Focus on moisture, and only give your hair protein when it's obviously in need, you hair is getting crazy hard because you are overloading it with something it already has...
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NN, I agree with you. I think the porosity must have alot to do with my protein sensitivity. Also, thank you for confirming what I've been thinking -- if it ain't broke... My hair curls just fine and isn't droopy or damaged so why add extra protein on a regular? I'll add on an as needed basis but because I've been told my hair is fine I'm "supposed" to love protein. Someone needs to tell my hair!!!
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Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.