[My last thread reminded me of something! Sorry if I made another thread. I just thought since this was a different topic, I should make another thread so that it won't be so jumbled.]

As I was getting ready and putting product in my hair, my older sister comes in a tells me if putting all that product in my hair was necessary. (All I used was a leave-in, mousse, and a tiny bit of chi silk infusion.)

I told her if I didn't, my hair would be a frizzy mess.

She then shrugs and says it's a lot of effort just to go out. (we were heading to the movies.) This is coming from my sister who has long pin straight hair. When there is not shampoo, she literally washes her hair with handsoap and she's good to go.

Have you ever been questioned like that?
It kinda made me annoyed because she doesn't have my hair and she doesn't know what it feels like. I would LOVE to just wash my hair and leave the house as is, but I can't.
My whole family is like that. I'm the only one with wavy/curly hair.