I'm a 3c and I've been BKT'ing since April 2009. I've used so many brands it's insane but my favorite HANDS DOWN is QOD. With QOD Max (regular) I get bone straight hair which was fun at first but I started missing my curly hair.

I used QOD Max Organiq in Sept 2011 and I was very pleased. My hair was defrizzed, was still resistant to humidity but I was able to retain some curl. I only did 2-3 passes at about 400 degrees. This is my fav new treatment. I've been using QOD for about 2 years now and it can't be topped, imo.
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I'm glad to read this review, Cupcake. I'm a 3c/4a, and my hair was never straight with either the original Max or the Gold--but that's fine because I wear my hair curly anyway, but I still had to reapply it multiple times almost back-to-back to achieve the degree of curl relaxation I was seeking, about 2c/3a.

I'm really, really freaked out that my hair will not respond to this new formula, especially since you said Max original made your hair bone straight--which it never did for me. I've seen both good and bad reviews about the Organiq, but I guess I have no choice since I'm stuck with a huge new bottle of this stuff and no way to buy the original formula anymore.
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