for a funeral? I'm going to be going to a funeral probably Tuesday. My hair is right between my chin and shoulders and wavy. I hate my hair at this length; I wear it up almost all the time. I can't do updos with it really except a ponytail. Plus I have a flaky scalp that will not go away and I don't want to have to worry about that while wearing black. Would a low ponytail be alright? I have basic large barrettes or a flexi-8. I'd straighten it so it looks very neat (Nothing against waves - it looks awkward while wavy and pulled back at this length).

I wish I could make it a curly tail but too short yet. I think I'm going to grow it on out. What would look best for this occasion in the meantime? I could wear it down and wear a gray or khaki sweater. I haven't been to a funeral in 10 years.