It's all relative. Your routine doesn't sound that unusual or excessive to me, but I can understand that to some people, it might seem weird.

My mom still relaxes and flat irons her hair, and she is forever questioning what I do to my hair. I have given up on telling her, because she didn't get twist outs, she didn't get the twists (she thought they were locs that I took down every two weeks), she didn't understand why I used olive oil from the store when I could just buy the drugstore version, and so on and so forth. She would be horrified if she found out that I don't use combs or brushes anymore.

That is my long way of saying that I understand how it feels to be misunderstood. But I wouldn't trade my hair for straight hair, even if it means less maintenance, because I just look awful with straight hair. lol.
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Shrinkage happens.