hello everyone, im new here! . iv actually been stalking this site for quite some time now. i originaliy found this website by googleing ''curly hair care'' and lo and behold, this site was one of the first links to show up! i think this site is totally awesome by the way. i spent years dying for straight hair, and it was only untill about 2 years ago that i started accepting my hair for it's naturally curly texture. and checking out this website has helped a lot too. it's helped me learn that curly hair can be cute and sexy just like straight hair .

ok, now for hair troubles. my main problem with my hair is that it is that it's practically dead. this was caused by years of daily washing, sometimes twice a day. the reason why i would wash my hair so much is because i would hate the feeling of sweat and grime and getting caught in my thick mass of hair.iv
been co washing for about 4 months now, only shampooing about twice a week. but my hair still hasn't shown any improvement! i haft to co wash my hair everyday or else my hair will look frizzy and damaged.

this is what i do with my hair everyday to keep my curls looking ''OK''

my routine for the morning:

1.while in the shower, i rub vo5 conditioner into my scalp and hair,lightly scrubbing it in. then i leave the conditioner on for the remainder of shower, i rinse it off when im done.

2. wrap a towel around my head for 15 minutes(i don't try to towel dry it)

3. i remove the towel, brush out my hair, then i apply the same vo5 conditioner i co wash with as a leave in conditioner. next i add either a little bit of body lotion(it's actually a great defrizzer) or about two pumps of john Freida's frizz ease.

4.i pull my semi damp hair back into a pony tail(i almost never leave my hair down)

my night time routine is basically the same as my morning routine, only i don't add any de frizzers

another problem i have with my hair is that im not really sure what category it goes into. i don't weather im kinky-curly, 3cb curls, or both! this is also a little frustrating to me.

can anyone give me advice?

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