The biggest change I would suggest is getting rid of the Frizz Ease- it's full of cones and if you're only co-washing, the cones will continue to build up in your hair and cause all sorts of problems. I inadvertently did the same thing for about a year before I found this site. I had started using Deva Curl products but was still adding in a shine product with cones and after a while I hated how my hair was looking.

I can relate to hair getting sweaty and dirty and gross- I do martial arts and train almost every day for 1-2 hours. I found that I can co-wash for a couple days but then I use a sulfate-free shampoo about twice a week. Some of us just can't do second day hair.

As far as curl type, many of us have a combination of curl types on our head. But the more important traits to figure out are your hair's texture and porosity, because that will have much more of an impact on how products will work for you. HTH.

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