Hi there,

Sorry to hear some of you girls didn't have much luck with Lush products - my hair is really suiting their 'H'suan Wen Hua' hair moisturiser, and 'Coolaulin' conditioner, but then although I have lots of it, my hair is very fine, so too rich or heavy a conditioner and I either get a limp lank mess or the serious frizzies.

(By the way - I agree about the pointless sulphates in conditioners - it makes them no go for true CGs, as far as I can see...)

Sorry for the partially dud tip! (I should have known that you would have all heard about the shop!!), but for girls with my hair type, who aren't following the CG routine, it may still be a go-er...

CT x
3a/b - a lovely ringletty lady!