Okay so this is random, but a lot of african american women come up to me and be like how do you get your curls like that, well I try and tell them that I just wet my hair and that my "natural hair texture" but they keep telling me like they want me to tell them how to get my curls. Its frustrating trying to explain that its my natural hair and you have to accept the pattern of curls you have. But then they say i'm trying to act better than them blah blah blah. Do anybody else get approached like this, if so how do you deal with it
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I think that something like "mine grows like this, it's what it does if it's healthy, but if yours is different, you could try setting it, I'm sure you could get the same look. But I love your hair how it is, really like seeing ladies with their natural hair" works... Then only if they press you, you can tell them how you treat your hair and why you like seeing natural hair and all.
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