I've tried them both ways actually. uhhhh... what is SSKS?

My hair: Course with a Normal Porosity. I usually don't keep my twists as a style because of shrinkage. My twists never turn out "cute" enough to wear as a style. I have work them under beanies before and done protective styles lately. I'll def check out what bagging is and give it a try before I whack this hair off.

Thanks ladies!
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Do you do your twists wet or dry? When I was having issues with my shrinkage, I'd braid them overnight and let them get mostly dry (cuz my hair doesn't dry in one night), and then twist them on mostly stretched hair. It shows more length, it can help with SSKs as well, and it just looks cuter!

Farah85, I agree with you 100%!! I hope I didn't say anything that would lead you to believe otherwise; if so, that certainly wasn't my intention!
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