Not to undermine how annoying the situation you went through is (because it is annoying), I would like to share that I get instructed to STOP MY YAPPING about hair on a daily basis. My family thinks I am crazy and obsessed and is very vocal about it. It's not my fault that I'm trying to start a business and FORMULATE for curly hair which means that I live and breathe information about hair and when we are doing a 'let's talk about work' session that means I talk about hair.

In short, my family has always thought that I am crazy and obsessed with my hair. Shrug, dismiss it, and DON'T TRY to explain how your hair has very special needs because the chances of them getting it (especially if they have stick straight hair that can handle SOAP) is close to nonexistant. It will only aggravate you further.

For what it's worth, your routine seems pretty no-maintenance to me!!
Texture: fine-medium
Porosity: high-normal
Elasticity: normal
Experimenting with making my own products. Hair loves protein.