I completely understand your situation. In my case the girl is only 2.5 years old, she's mixed with 3b/c curls. Most of the time it is matted and frizzy, dry, messy. The mom is Caucasian and probably doesn't know what to do with the hair. The dad wouldn't know what to do with any type of hair on a girl lol. I've detangled her hair a couple of times, it was a MESS. But she has such beautiful hair, I hate to see it being neglected. She's too young now to care, but I would hate to see her grow up and wish that her hair were different.

I don't feel like its my place to tell the parents that they're not taking care of her hair properly. But if I'm ever babysitting her I'll try to detangle and style it for her, usually braids. Hopefully her parents just catch on!

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